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Posted on 08-22-2016

Picking Up a Light Object

To lift a very light object from the floor, such as a piece of paper, lean over the object, slightly bend one knee while extending the other leg out behind you.  Hold on to a nearby chair or table for support as you reach down to the object.

Holding an Object

While you are holding the object, keep your knees slightly bent to maintain your balance.  If you have to move the object to one side, avoid twisting your body.  Point your toes in the direction you want to move and pivot in that direction.  Keep the object close to you when moving. 

Placing an Object on a Shelf

If you must place an object on a shelf, move as close as possible to the shelf.  Spread your feet in a wide stance, positioning one foot in front of the other to give you a solid base of support.  Do not lean forward and do not fully extend your arms while holding the object in your hands.

If the shelf is chest height, move close to the shelf and place your feet apart and one foot forward.  Lift the object chest high, keep your elbows at your side and position your hands so you can push the object up and on to the shelf.  Remember to tighten your stomach muscles before lifting.

The Pivot technique

Use the Pivot technique for lifts requiring turning.  This will help twisting when lifting.

  • Properly lift the item using proper lifting techniques
  • Hold the item close to your body
  • Turn you foot 90 degrees towards the direction you wish to move
  • Bring your other foot next to the lead foot

The Tripod Lift

The Tripod Lift can be used as an alternative method for objects with uneven weight distribution (example: bags of sand) or lifting an infant.  It is recommended for people with decreased arm strength, but not for people with bad knees.

  1. Put one foot next to the object.  Keep your back straight, push your buttocks out and slowly lower yourself down onto one knee. (For support as you lower yourself down, put one hand on a stool or on your thigh.)
  2. Position the object close to the knee on the ground.
  3. Grasp the object firmly with both hands.
  4. Slide the object from the knee on the ground to mid-thigh. Keep your head forward, your back straight, and your buttocks out, and lift the object onto the opposite thigh.
  5. Put both of your forearms under the object (with your palms facing upward) and hug the object to your stomach and chest.
  6. Prepare for the lift: look forward.
  7. Lift upwards following your head and shoulders. Hold the load close to your body. Lift by extending your legs with your back straight, your buttocks out, and breathe out as you lift

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