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The below information is the personal opinion of Dr. Steve and might not be right for you. Please feel free to call with any questions. 905 827 4197

Picking the right bed...not the left

Chiropractor Dr. Steve from Nottinghill Family Wellness Centre in Oakville recommends a firm or medium firm mattress with little to no pillow top. Too soft of a mattress (goldilocks reference) can cause your spine to fall out of normal alignment while you sleep. A firmer mattress will support your natural curves to the spine and help (to maintain) your back throughout the day.

Some patients may take as long as 90 days to acclimatize to a firmer mattress, but the long term benefits for your spine are well worth the hassle.

Dr Steve recommends getting your mattress from Genc at The Brick at Dorval Crossing. 

He has been schooled in the art of Steveology when it comes to selecting the best mattress.

Its all about the sleeping position with Oakville Chiropractor Steve Knighton:

Sleeping position, it is almost as important as the mattress. Never sleep on your stomach! If your wake up to find your significant other sleeping on their stomach Dr. Steve will write you a note to knee them in the stomach.

Sleeping position should be on your side or on your back with a pillow between or under your knees. On your side the fetal position is optimal as long as you keep your shoulder/arms down to avoid shoulder impingement issues.

A foam pillow will also contour to your head better than a synthetic or feather, allowing your arms to stay at your sides when you sleep and not propping up the pillow. Also, the foam pillow will not change shape throughout the night, ensuring optimal neck and shoulder position.


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