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The below information is the personal opinion of Dr. Steve and might not be right for you. Please feel free to call with any questions. 905 827 4197

Computer Ergonomics

First and foremost the human body was not meant to sit at a computer for 1 hour, let alone 14 hours a day. To fix or correct the pain that may be coming from posture at your work station is like putting monster truck tires on your Smart Car and wondering why you can't beat Gravedigger. It's just not supposed to be that way! No matter how many alterations, ergonomic aids, positions, monitors, keyboards, mice or turbo chargers, the human body was not supposed to sit at a computer desk!

75% of my patients work at a computer for at least 7.5 hours a day. Most of them start the work day a proper position only to falter later in the day.

Proper desk top position is pictured below. It's a whole other ball game if your working on your laptop in your bed avoiding changing diapers and watching YouTube videos.

Most important variables:

1. Use your arm rests, you paid for them, now use them. They should just slide under your keyboard so that your wrists stay neutral and that your shoulder, especially your mouse arm are not hiked around your ears.

2. If you use multiple monitors, display them on top of each other not side by side. This way you are not forced to look left or right, but up and down, which you can adjust your seat for.

3. Don't sit on your damn leg, keep both your feet on the ground.

4. Keep your monitor at about eye level, if you have to prop your computer up, just use some books or one of your kids.

5. Finally, take micro breaks, I will write you a note to get up every 25 minutes and move, its a crazy thing to do, but it's actually what our body was built to do!


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