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Shoes and Orthotics

Dr. Steve recommends New Balance or Asics for almost all of his patient's shoe needs. Back pain, foot pain, knee pain, hip pain could all be exacerbated by improper footwear that does not support the arches or help control the patients gait.

Too many females come into our clinic with 4 inch heels complaining of Plantar Fasciitis or Low Back pain blaming it on their weekend of yard work, when the real culprit is what they have on their feet.

Most patients with back pain caused from improper footwear will have tight and tender Quadratus lumoburm muscles and scream a little when Dr. Steve digs his infamous thumbs into the area of discomfort.

Shoes recommended by Nottinghill Family Wellness Centre in Oakville are:

     Asics: GT1000, Kayano, GT 2000

     New Balance: 960, 1260, 1540

             *Heels - not unless you get paid to wear your shoes

Make sure to drop buy the clinic first for your 20% gift card towards New Balance Oakville!

We recommend getting fitted for new shoes at the Oakville New Balance store, tell em Dr. Steve sent you and talk to Ben or Ian. 1011 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville, ON L6H 4L5

Orthotics in Oakville.....most likely covered by your insurance plan

A large portion of patients that come in complaining of foot pain wear awful, terrible shoes that exacerbate their condition. Improper foot wear can lead to pain and misery. Not all patients (especially our lovely ladies) are interested in sacrificing fashion for function. For these special cases we recommend utilizing orthotics to help improve your foot wear and alleviate your condition.


Orthotics come in a variety of options, for different sizes and types of shoes. Our orthotics are custom made for your feet, using innovative technology that create the right fit.

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