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So you have been diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma or Metatarsalgia ?

Our Oakville Chiropractic Clinic can fix that.


Pain with walking just below the toes ? Numbness or tingling at the base of the toes before your arches? Relieve from pain when you're not sitting or taking off your shoes ? Do you where sandals or non-Steve approved shoes for extended periods of walking ? Does it feel like there is a pebble inside your foot.

If any of these sound familiar get in sooner than later.  Chronic foot pain can take a long time to treat. Prognosis drastically improves with earlier treatment.

Treatment for Morton's Neuroma or Metatarsalgia.

1. No more bad shoes ! -- supportive shoes or orthotics in your non-Steve approved shoes.

2. Ice -- like you have never iced before. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 20 on. 2 - 3 times a day.

3. Supportive shoes -- redundant .. I know, but some people need to be told twice !

4. At home grinding. -- grab a ball; tennis, golf, lacrosse , ball hockey ball and start by standing on the ball on the injured foot and running the ball from heel to toe. You will know where the problem is when you get there.

5. Stretching of the calves and the foot muscles.

6. Rest -- standing all day ? When you get home , elevate the foot and ice it while you watch jeopardy.

Click here to download the stretches

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