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So you've been diagnosed with Sinus Tarsi Syndrome or have chronic ankle pain and or ankle swelling.

Pain and chronic swelling here ? Oakville Chiropractor Dr. Steve Knighton can fix that !

Here's what you do!

1. Ice and Elevation -- Ice 20 min on , 20 off, 20 on, at least three times a day.

                                -- Elevated your foot, lye on your back with your leg up the wall

2. Supportive footwear and orthotics -- This will help maintain your arch and foot stablitiy and stop

                                                              from crushing the area of pain when you walk.

3. Rest -- There are only a few conditions that cause for rest, this is one of them. Take 2 - 3 weeks off                from any extended walks or harder gym workouts.

4. Treatment -- Get in for some IFC and some hands on by Dr. Steve at the clinic.

Click here to download the stretches

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