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De Quervain's Disease

On the phone too much ? Stuck at your desk with thumb and wrist pain? The Chiropractors at Oakville's Nottinghill Family Wellness Centre are seeing a gigantic influx of patients with "insidious" onset of right (75% of the time) thumb pain at or just above the wrist joint.  Over the last decade Oakville's Chiropractor, Dr Steve Knighton would treat 10 - 20 patients with this injury a year. As of October 1st, 2016 Dr. Steve has diagnosed and began treatment on over 80 patients of all ages with De Quervain's Disease.

What to do if Dr. Steve or Dr. Alisha asks you to visit this particular page of our website:

1. Put down the phone

2. Change your mouse

3. Put down your phone again !!!

4. Ice the thumb, hand, wrist region (20 minutes on, 3 to 4 times a day)

5. STOP playing Candy Crush on your phone ... Put it down !!!!

6. Thumb or Thumb Wrist combo brace

7. Do the exercises daily listed below


8. Get offfff your phone !

9. Get in for treatment -- IFC, Laser, Graston and A.R.T.

Essentially the tendons around the thumb are rubbing and sticking together causing the inflammation. We remove this friction, you ice and do your exercises, you limit your phone.... we fix your thumb...BASIC !

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